Advice on How to be a Good Host with Castle Hills Marketplace

If you’re expecting guests from out of town over the holiday season, just know that the most important thing that you can do to help them feel at home in Lewisville is to plan for them before they arrive. Don’t stress if you’re still struggling to learn how to be a good host in Lewisville over the holiday season, Castle Hills Marketplace has some tips for you. You could even get a whole lot of holiday shopping done while you’re here. Here are the best tips from Castle Hills Marketplace on entertaining holiday houseguests in Lewisville.

Orange Theory will Keep up Their Workout Routine

Visitors from out of town who are used to working out on a regular basis will need a good place to work out in Lewisville while they are here. Orange Theory is a great place to get your holiday fitness done all in one place. Hopefully, you both already have memberships to Orange Theory, but don’t worry if you don’t. You can both sign up for membership! When your guest leaves town, they can either use the Orange Theory in their town or simply cancel their membership at no additional cost. You can try one class free!

Freebirds Serves up Huge Burritos

There is nothing more important when visiting the Lone Star State than trying the local cuisine. Freebirds is a Tex-Mex restaurant that serves a style of food that mixes Southwestern American food and Mexican food. While these kinds of restaurants are all over the US, your guests won’t understand true Tex-Mex until they’ve had it in Texas. No one does it the same way, and Freebirds is a prime example of doing Tex-Mex right. They’ll serve you a burrito larger than your forearm that will make your out of town houseguests let out a Texas-sized “yeehaw!”

Kroger Marketplace Makes Guests Feel at Home

Stocking up on your guests’ favorite snacks can make Lewisville feel like home. Whether you’re making them a classic Texas meal like homemade pulled pork sandwiches or just buying their favorite treats they will happy in Lewisville. Castle Hills Marketplace is home to Kroger Marketplace, which will have the items you need. Kroger Marketplace will even have entertaining items such as DVDs and card games that will make it easy to have fun with your guests.

Castle Hills Marketplace has tenants such as Orange Theory and Kroger to help you entertain holiday houseguests in Lewisville. Learn more about how to be a good host in Lewisville by visiting the Castle Hills Marketplace blog today!

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